CD Lyrics:

No Reward © 2010 by Rob Sharer

So there you sit, a broke-down Hiawatha
With nothing left to do
They stove in your canoe
The time has come to mend the broken arrow
And see how high it flies
And if the bow still draws

We are here, we are now
There is no reward
Life is yours, live it now

They tied you down and beat you with salvation
Pierced you through with guilt
Banished all your gods
But look outside and see the sun bright-shining
I swear it’s not too late
To dance the magic back

Take a walk, a wander through the garden
The apples on the branch
Will turn your drowsy head
And as you bite, you fear no rusty serpent
The sweet juice on your chin
Is where your bliss begins


Roads © 2010 by Rob Sharer

Head out on the highway
West for days
Leave you past behind you on the way
The turning of the axle
Is the shedding of your skin
Running is the only way to win

Roads go ever on into the night
The painted lines that separate the wrong from right
And in the morning find the sleepers
Who have passed into the light

Pass another mission
Say a little prayer
Offer your confession if you dare
No one hears your secrets
No one sees your face
No one feels you reach your state of grace

You could be a sailor
Desert is the sea
A car is like a ship to you and me
Holding hands together
Steering by the stars
Always our horizon’s still as far


Up in the Air © 2010 by Rob Sharer

New York, 1851
The ocean liners at the docks
Poor folk came to find those Streets of Gold
But they fetched up on the rocks
No you can’t come work for me
I shouldn’t have to tell you why
Can’t you read that sign outside my door
Says “No Irish Need Apply”?

Well you can hold me down, you can hold me down
You can hold me down,down
But you’ll never keep me there
Sink my body in the cold, cold ground
But my soul’s up in the air

Birmingham, 1963
While the Nation was at war
The Governor went down to the high school
And he stood outside the door
Don’t you send those kids in here
Can’t you see their skin’s too dark?
We don’t allow that kind of thing ‘round here
You’d best remember where you are

The Cowboy said let’s build a fence
Slap a padlock on the gate
Tell the brown man “Get thee hence!”
The Irish man got his job
The black girl earned her degree
The brown man was here before the Cowboy was
Ain’t this the land of the free?